What would a GREAT Commercial Real Estate Agent do for you? OR Why should you hire a GREAT Commercial Real Estate Agent, rather than any other agent?

Both are good and important questions. Sure, you could call a buddies friend who is an agent to sell your Commercial Property, whether is a farm, land, a business, industrial, or a multi-family rental. But is the buddies’ buddy knowledgeable? All Realtors are supposed to operate within their scope of knowledge. It may seem simple to sell that rental property…but do they do the whole job, or just place the property on MLS and wait for someone to come to them? That is just not good enough for you!

A GREAT Commercial Agent is going to bring a lot more to the table, to sell your property. There is also more to just selling the property.  Are they going to help get you the best price the market will give? Are they going to help you evaluate sellers and their offers to make sure the sale will happen? Are they going to be in step with you along the way to get all details handled to make things as painless as possible and get the job done? This is not an area where it is simply acceptable to throw the property on the Multiple Listing Service and place a sign out front and wait for buyers!!!! You need someone that is going to do the complete job!

So here are the areas where a GREAT Commercial Real Estate agent is going to help you sell your Commercial Real Estate:

  1. ASSIST YOU TO EFFECTIVELY PRICE THE PROPERTY: We come in and look at your financials and make evaluations. We look at the building and make determinations. We examine the market and give proper opinions. All of this leads to the best and proper effective pricing for your commercial property. By having the proper price, you sell faster and get better offers. Overpriced and you tend to get no activity. Underpriced and, well, you know what you get…less money! In my opinion it is not good to overprice a property and stigmatize the property so even when you do get the price to the right point, some buyers are turned off as you were too high to start.
  2. WE MARKET THE PROPERTY: First, we know other investors, other business people, developers, who are looking to buy. We have lists of people from all over the State of Wisconsin. We do email, direct mail, and phone calls to people. Your property goes out on many websites to help spread the word. We make direct calls to people we know looking for your type of property. We go after buyers, we do not simply wait for them to come to us!
  3. WE SAVE YOU TIME: We work with buyers to get effective offers, for the best price. We negotiate on your behalf. We evaluate buyers to try to make the best determinations to get to the end and have the property close. We take care of the process, to make sure all is done as well as it can. We take care of the little things, so you do not have to. We make it easy and painless for you!
  4. WE SAVE YOU MONEY: Several times I have seen people use inexperienced agents or try to sell the property or business themselves only to have the process of selling the property go so bad, that they throw up their arms, or lose the sale as they are unsure how to handle an issue. Furthermore, I have seen folks lose money as they either do not know how to price a property or they do not know the process very well and lose money along the way. YES, you pay us a commission…but in the end, we help SAVE MONEY, and help make the process proceed like it should so that you do not lose money!

In the end, you WIN! We perform our service with EXCELLENCE and guide you thru the process. Our goal is for our Clients’ to be happy and the goal achieved. We do not just sit on our heels and wait for buyer, WE GO FIND THEM!

Feel Free to contact me today, and let’s sit do

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