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April 2018

I engaged Chris Mokler for real estate agency services in September-2017 while my partner and I were interested in properties in the Fox Valley area. From the moment I first spoke with Chris I was truly impressed. Having worked with agents in the past, I can say that Chris is by far the most thorough real estate agent that I have ever worked with. Too often I have encountered agents who set up a single initial phone call, send over property listings, and expect for you to run with everything from there. Chris is the polar opposite of this type of agent.

My partner and I had an extensive list of questions for Chris regarding the Fox Valley market. The two-page list included questions about industries in the area, employment, schools, and crime rates to name only a few topics. I sent the question list to Chris on a Friday, and received a detailed response to every question from Chris on Sunday afternoon. It was clear that Chris spent a good deal of time over the weekend helping us better understand the market and investment opportunity. This was after and before countless calls providing us with additional market intel.

Beyond his hard work, Chris has a useful network that provides investors with options for getting the most out of their investment opportunity. My partner and I were looking to invest from Chicago, which is a 3+ hour drive to Appleton (our primary area of interest). Considering that we wouldn’t be able to manage the property directly, Chris provided us with several low cost options for property management so that we could invest from out of town.

Last, but certainly not least, Chris provides his clients with the most exclusive offers. He provided us with opportunities that had yet to be listed on the MLS, giving us the opportunity to invest without facing heated competition from other general MLS bidders. All in all, Chris Mokler is a real estate agent that I highly recommend. I very much look forward to working with Chris in the near future.

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